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grainy black & white overhead image of Lost & Found's bar



brick wall inside Lost & Found showing antique signs
Lost & Found's wings and specialty cocktail on the bar

Key West is full of wanderers. Most of our island community is from all over the world with one thing in common: we're searching for something... even if we aren't quite sure what that something is. And upon arrival to this tiny little island full of unique individuals, we find a spot witihn this tight-knit local community. One Human Family where the Lost are Found.

Owners Nick and Ashlee's journey was no different. Before moving to Key West 10+ years ago, they spent their lives traveling and working in restaurants around the world. Hailing from Australia and Oregon respectively, each thought they'd be here for six months max, then move on to the next place. And like most Freshwater Conchs, that first six months, and the later purchase of two Duval Street restaurants, changed the course of their lives forever.

Lost & Found is a place for gathering. For the best modern comfort food in town. For specialty cocktails that will make all your Instagram followers jealous. For cheering on your favorite teams. And for raising a glass to the best damn experiences with the best damn people in the best restaurant in Key West. Welcome to Lost & Found.

Situated in the heart of Old Town, just steps from Duval Street and next door to the Green Parrot, Lost & Found is the

best restaurant in Key West

for your first and last stop for Sound Check or the next big show at the Key West Amphitheater.

Along with the downtown location, the open air restaurant and bar seating, streetside tables, and rail seating provide the perfect home base for meeting up with your crew before a big night out or just sitting back to people (or rooster) watch. And ever since opening in early 2021, new neighbors have joined the block including Lost Boy Creations and The Bearded Lady, making Southard Street THE spot for drinks, food, and the best local merch. And did we mention Lost & Found is just 1 block from the Mile 0 Key West sign?


sidewalk in front of Lost & Found showing Green Parrot shirts
LF Cheetah.png
801 Weiner's Mobile Park and other signs on brick wall inside Lost & Found
Lost & Found's funky clown face picture in gold frame
Bud Light Spuds McKenzie sign inside Lost & Found


With an unbeatable location like this, Lost & Found had to walk the walk with only the best dive bar flair. Nick and Ashlee took this task very seriously and headed to a city known for dive bars in the U.S.: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After some speakeasy and corner bar-hopping inspiration (and oh, so many beers), they found the research they were searching for and went to work looking for the most eclectic decor they could find. During your next visit, take notice of these kitschy gems including a coveted 801 Weiners Mobile Park sign, Randy the Raccoon, a Spuds McKenzie poster from the 80's that pays special tribute to their English Bull Terriers, Boris and Bruce, and more. We promise - you'll spot something new with every visit (and in the winter, note our Christmas spirit in the shitter...we'll leave that one right there).

And what's with grandma's plates you ask? Well, nothing says Lost & Found better than your grandma's old china. Nick and Ashlee hit up every Salvation Army and thrift store in town to find these old dishes and pay homage to the lost and found families they left behind for the island.

Now you know us. You know our location. And you know our vibe. Let's eat, drink, and get Lost & Found together.

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